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Inspiring Women from Morocco

        [1] Helping the community is one of the questions that many people keep asking themselves without taking any form of action. However, two great Moroccan ladies have responded in action and decided to dedicate part of their fortune to the empowerment of education in the country.

        [2] Fatna Lemdersi helped the community in her own way. When her husband died, this woman from a large family in Figuig took over the management of family properties and decided to help build a school 16 years ago.

        [3] Rather than helping local associations as many other people do, Lemdersi decided to donate an amount of nearly 6 million dirhams to finance the construction of a national school of business and management (ENCG) in Oujda, the first of its kind in the east of Morocco. The school started with 100 students. Today, 1000 students join this institution each year. So far, it has seen the graduation of 10 groups. On the 10th anniversary of the ENCG, and in recognition of the dedication of this incredible woman, Mohammed I University of Oujda honored Fatna Lemdersi by naming the school’s amphitheater after her.

        [4] Najiya Nadir, another Moroccan businesswoman, volunteered to fund the construction of schools in the region of Settat. She signed two partnership agreements with local authorities in February 2019 after donating 12 million dirhams to build schools in the region.

        [5] Thanks to Nadir’s donations, a high school will be built in Oulad Fares, a small rural area in Settat Province. Nadir said that the purpose behind her initiative was to contribute to quality education in the country, especially in rural areas. “When schools are 15 or 20 kilometers from the children, they face a lot of challenges such as exposure to drug use or sexual abuse, especially girls,” says Nadir.

        [6] Najiya Nadir emphasised the importance of building schools. Poverty and the absence of schools drive many students, especially girls, to drop out of school at an early age. The only guarantee to protect young people is to provide them with the best conditions for education. “I call on citizens who have the financial ability to contribute to the implementation of social projects, especially in villages and rural areas,” she says.

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