Collaboration involving professors and future teachers from three institutions:
Meknes, Morocco
Dallas, Texas, USA
Houston, Texas, USA

Phase 1: Introductions, Cultural Sharing and Community Building

Houda Lhabouchi

Hello ! I am a twenty-four years old trainee teacher of English. I obtained my BA degree in General English Studies from Moulay Ismail University, the faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, Meknes. And I obtained my MA degree in Communication, Culture and Translation from Mohammed First University, the faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, Oujda.
I am interested in teaching, I believe that teachers can change the world in a positive way. My teachers of English touched my life with knowledge and creativity and I want to do the same with my students in the future.

Dounia Azzouzi

My name is Dounia AZZOUZI, I am 25 years old, and I am originally from Meknes city.
I am a teacher trainee and I am passionate about my work because I love what I do. Teaching is not only a job, but also a life changing; by which we can have the chance to help our students and maybe change their lives to the best. Thanks to the collaboration and participation in the KOSKO program, we are able to help learners throughout the world as well.
What I can say about myself is that I am ambitious and driven and I am always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness; therefore, I am eager to learn more about teaching in order to become a good teacher … maybe a great teacher ^_^ .

Chaimae Redid

Hey there! I’m Chaimae radid from southern Morocco, I am a teacher to be, and I am exhilarated to participate in such a global project. For the picture I don’t think I have a good one and I’m quite private, I guess.

Born in a land with many names
My ethnicity aims for multiplicity
Born in co cultured frames
I grew up Untangling the complexity

My mind speaks more than one tongue
But to my people, i’m still dull and young

I come from a line of unsung strong Amazigh females
Tales of commanders and warriors in veils haunt my summery nights
As my nana whispers chants of brave riding knights

Those who came, saw and conquered perished
and my queens outlived each

In my culture, They call me Tamghart
Which stands for a president
I’m an active agent of change
I civilize and rearrange

In truth, every woman of my culture
Wears a blinder crown of silver
Bequeathed from one southern queen to another

We southerners learned to dance to the rhythm of the scorching heat
We southerners compose prose and poems for the scorned and the scolded
We take pride in hosting the stranger, estranged and the foreigner

My Morocco, A colossus of rhodes on the verge
bridges two worlds set apart
Standing to converge the best of the worlds
And merge oceans, rivers lakes and seas
Mountain chains, sand dunes, and forests with goods and trees
All of this, crowns a small land of 447000 km2

Hada Elmadyouni

Hello, my name is Hada ELmadyouni. I am a trainee teacher at CRMEF Meknes. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, reading books, and listening to music.
My main aim joining the KOSKO project is to know how trainee teachers from different cultures approach their experience and, consequently, learn from them.

Rajae Kebziz

my name is Rajae Kebziz. I'm 25 years old, and I'm from Taza. I got my bacalaurreate degree in 2013 from Ibn Elyasmine's High school in Taza. In 2017, I got my BA degree in linguistics from Mohamed the first univetsity in Oujda with a distinction. And, I recently got my MA degree in applied language studies from Moulay Ismail university in Meknes. Currently, I'm a teacher trainee at the CRMEF-Meknes.

I am from a North African nation

The land with a strategically significant location

In the west, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean

In the east, by a republic nation

The land of hospitality and munificence

Where people with joyous faces and heartwarming welcomes,

Serve mint tea glasses and flavorful dishes

From pastilla, couscous to tajine

To guests regardless of their race

Natives, outsiders, or from another space

So, welcome to this place,

Which is full of beautiful natural sites

Nour-eddine Hmamou

My name is Nour-Eddine. I am from Meknes. I am a Moroccan teacher trainee, and it is my pleasure to be part of the KOSKO project.

Nour-eddine is the name
From an imperial city I came

Meknes, the capital city of Moulay Ismail
Of which Almoravids started the tale

I am from the sealess yet traveling door
Linked to Fez, Middle Atlas and more

Where olive trees beautify the scene
And mighty classic forts are seen

Yassine Chellah

Hello! My name is Yassine Chellah and I am 27 years old. I am from a small town that lies in the heart of the Rif called Tizi Ousli (or as I like to refer to it: Cold Tizi Ousli). Before I had the pleasure of joining CRMEF Meknes as a trainee teacher, I had obtained my MA degree in translation from King Fahd School of Translation in Tanger. I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, and learning new things. I am also a bit of a tech savvy and I am passionate about graphic design. I intend to harness all of that to motivate and help my future students learn English.

Joining the KOSKO project was an opportunity to see how other teachers around the world collaborate to make the teaching experience unique and fruitful.

Achraf Dakdak

I am a BA graduate in English Studies at Moulay Ismail University, Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences. During the pandemic, I got my TEFL certificate from Global Bus Foundation in collaboration with TUCUSO Academy and the Canadian Academy for Training and Consulting. Now, I am a trainee teacher at CRMEF, Meknes.

I have been practicing Parkour, Freerunning, and BBoying for more than 10 years. I practiced Gymnastics too for like four years. I had a training of trainers and judges of Gymnastics in 2017 organized by the Royal Federation of Gymnastics. My passions are really fun....Looking forward to learning about yours too!
Not perfect, but you may still enjoy it ↓ ↓ 😀