Hello there, I’m Achraf Dakdak | a.k.a. DK

the CEO of www.achrafdk.com

To begin with, currently I’m a BA graduate from the department of English Studies, Moulay Ismail University- UMI, TEFL certified teacher from Global Bus Foundation, and a teacher in the public sector at Boulman province.

Also, I’m a tracer/freerunner. I’d say an artist than just an athlete because this passion for me is not just a physical activity as it is a creative work of art. Respectively my former teams are Brothers’ Freerun then Heavy Freerun from Meknes city, Morocco.

When it comes to my range of interest, it is just hard to explain the bonds between the kind of things I love. on one hand, I’m so affectionate about Parkour, Freerun, Tricking, Artistic Gymnastics, and BBoying. On the other hand, language, media, and technology with its different variations are just as important and mind blowing for me. All of these fields might seem as almost separate domains and have nearly nothing shared in common, however, for me it is like two sides of a coin that keeps turning over and over. And the clearer and bigger one side of the coin becomes, the clearer and bigger the other side becomes too.

Actually I like making things and meeting new optimistic people who still think that we can bring about positive change. So, I started this website to share my experiences and visions of the various stuff I learn and do with you guys, hoping that I could contribute more or less to my community and family my way and from my frame of reference.

Contact: [email protected] or Contact Page

Cheers, Achraf DK.