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المركز الجهوي لمهن التربية والتكوين لجهة فاس مكناس

This section contains all the presentations performed in the Didactics module by Group A1 under the supervision of the coach and teacher-trainer Dr. Nour-eddine Laouni.

The module presentation list 


Presentation N1: Definition of Concepts | Language Learning Theories | Grammar Translation Method

Teacher trainees | Group 8:
Atmane Aalla
Amine Kabour
Achraf Dakdak

PPT presentationGTM Classroom ScenarioQuestions  | Report on the whole presentation

The classroom scenario and questions were constructed based on the teacher trainer instructions and this great book Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching by diane larsen-freeman


Presentation N2: Direct Method | Audio-lingual Method

Teacher trainees | Group 7:
Bid el hajeb ayyoub
Reda Samir Belabbes
Abdelghafour Elajraoui



Presentation N3: Silent Way | Suggestopedia

Teacher trainees | Group 6:
Audi Mohamed
Laila Logdali
Chaimae Radid
Jeidane Younesse

Silent Way | Suggestopedia


Presentation N4: Competency-based Language Teaching | Standards-based Language Teaching

Teacher trainees | Group 3:
Hamza Chaoui
Rebekah Ikram
Dounia Azzouzi
Addichane Abdelhalim



Presentation N5: Community Language Learning (CLL) | Natural Approach

Teacher trainees | Group 5:
Mohamed Zaouki
Nour eddine Tiffou
Ghita Ben Hamida

CLL PPT  |  CLL Worksheet  |  Natural Approach


Presentation N6: Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) | Cooperative Language Learning (CLL)

Teacher trainees | Group 4:
Rajae Kebziz
Hakima Talbi
Hada elmadyouni

CLT PPT  |  CLL PPT  |  Detective Story PART 1 ..PART 2 ..PART 3 ..PART 4

Other presentations will be available as soon as they are presented.


  1. Thank you dear Achraf
    On behalf of our group, I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts.


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