National exam | Humanities Stream | Catch-up Session 2014

National exam | Humanities Stream | Catch-up Session 2014

The exam’s Comprehension Text

       [1] Getting young people involved in politics is essential for them to understand the system of government and become active citizens in the future. The aim of being involved in politics is more than just getting a job with the government. It’s about being in a position to influence those who make the decisions that affect our lives.

       [2] By starting at an early age, young people will have more contacts and opportunities which will help them make a difference later in life. Voting, for example, is an integral part of a country’s democratic process. Learning it early will boost good citizenship and create interest in the political and social system in general. In elections, it does not really matter who the winner or the loser is.

       [3] As teenagers, the next step for them is to join an election campaign for a local politician. This will allow them to see from the inside how political parties are built and how they reach voters in remote areas. They can meet people they read about in the newspaper and see on TV. The young person may even get an opportunity to meet those higher up in government who come out to support the local candidate.

       [4] Another way to get young people involved in politics and social work is to encourage them to join an organisation promoting a noble cause. One example is Sidaction by ALCS which aims at raising people’s awareness about the dangers of AIDS. Another example is the national campaign for road safety to reduce accidents and save people’s lives. These are excellent ways to become exposed to how the government is affected by ordinary people. It will let the young person see that a few hard-working people can make a change and raise public awareness. While this voluntary work is not profitable financially, it can help gain experience and offer chances to have influence on decision makers.

       [5] Young people should not forget to learn to vote because it is the most important way to be involved in politics. It is the one time when they are guaranteed to be heard although their vote is just one among thousands. It will be considered as important as the vote of the most influential person they know.

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