National exam | Humanities Stream | Catch-up Session 2008

National exam | Humanities Stream | Catch-up Session 2008

The exam’s Comprehension Text

       Souad was afraid not to finish her education. The schools were located dozens of kilometers away from her home, and she had no way to get there each day. In addition, her family couldn’t afford to pay for schooling.

       When Souad learned about a boarding school where students live and study, she jumped at the chance to continue learning. The boarding school in Tighassaline, a small village in the Middle Atlas, was supported by an aid organization and run by a local group, the Rural Girls Scholarship Committee. The committee runs a dormitory for gifted middle school girls who cannot afford to continue studying. It provides scholarships for boarding, lodging, and financial support to cover books and fees. When Souad applied, she was accepted. She was able not only to complete middle  school, but also to continue to high school.

       When Souad finished middle school, the school director invited her to continue living in the dormitory so that she could complete her high school education. In return, he asked her to tutor the younger girls and help them with their homework. Souad was grateful, she knew that her family was too poor to pay for her studies.

       “I feel that I have been given a wonderful opportunity, and I know that opportunities in life don’t come twice. I have succeeded in the middle school and I don’t want to lead the same life as my mother. I know that education has changed my life. My interests are different from those of my sisters and I have learned to make my own decisions and judgments.”

       With tears in her eyes, Souad thanked everybody for having given her the opportunity to complete her secondary education.  “I want you to be proud of me,” she said. “And I want to do something for girls and women later on.”

       In July 2005, the first group of scholarship students graduated from Tighassaline after completing three years of middle school. The aid organization is hoping to increase the number of girls benefiting from scholarships and to aid more girls like Souad to finish their schooling.


National exam | Humanities Stream | Catch-up Session 2008 with Answers



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