National exam | Arts Stream | Catch-up Session 2010

National exam | Arts Stream | Catch-up Session 2010

The exam’s Comprehension Text

       Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in a family having rich business, political and community service background. His grandfather was vice president of National Bank and his father was a lawyer. Bill strongly believes in hard work. He also believes that if you are intelligent and know how to apply your intelligence, you can achieve anything. From childhood, Bill was intelligent, ambitious and competitive. These qualities helped him to attain top positions in the profession he chose. In school, he had an excellent record in mathematics and science.

       Bill’s parents noticed their son’s intelligence and decided to send him to a private outstanding school, where he was first introduced to a computer. It was a very important decision in Bill’s life. Bill and his friends were very much interested in computers and formed “Programmers Group” in late 1968. In the next year, they got their first opportunity in Information Sciences Company where they were selected as programmers. So, they started making money although they were still students.

       Bill and his close friend Paul Allen started a new company of their own named Traf-O-Data. They designed a small computer to measure traffic density. From this project, they earned around $20,000. In 1973, he left home for Harvard University. There, he almost forgot about the world of computers because he spent many nights studying one of the toughest mathematics courses. Bill and his friend Paul remained in close contact even though they were away from each other. They would often discuss new ideas for future projects and the possibility of starting a business one day. At the end of Bill’s first year at the university, Paul came close to him so that they could work on some of their ideas. That summer, Paul kept on pushing Bill for opening a new software company.

       Within a year, Bill dropped out of Harvard. Then, he formed Microsoft. Bill’s vision is: “A computer on every desk and Microsoft software on every computer”. Bill is a visionary person and works very hard to fulfill his vision. His belief in high intelligence and hard work has put him where he is today. Microsoft is good competition for other software companies and Bill will continue to crash his competitors. His powerful beliefs have helped him increase his wealth and his monopoly in the industry.

       Bill is not a greedy person. In fact, he is quite a giving person when it comes to computers, Internet and any kind of funding. He visited Chicago’s Einstein Elementary School and donated a total of $110,000. He offered computers, and provided internet connectivity to many schools. Also, Bill donated $38 million for the building of a computer institute at Stanford University. Bill plans to give away 95% of all his earnings when he is old and grey.


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