English Spotlight 1 | Student’s Book


As the Moroccan policy makers decided to populate English language teaching in the first and second year of middle school, a new textbook is out and ready for teachers to help their students approach English and broaden their horizons in a fun and engaging way.

Earnestly looking forward to a full upgrade of textbooks of all levels!

Student’s Book

Teacher’s Guide

Audio Resources

Presentations and Handouts

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My name is Achraf Dakdak. You can call me DK. I'm a dedicated teacher of English. I am aiming to make a significant impact in the field of teaching English as a Foreign language supporting learners and teachers everywhere. I am open to learning new things and broadening my horizons as well as creating enriching learning environment and opportunities for both teachers and learners of English. My goal is to provide the ease of access, inspire and seek empowerment for teachers and students to achieve their full potential in the English language.


  1. Hello dear teacher, this has been a pleasure and a relief to have this as a support.
    Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your help. You are a life saver. I wish I had you as a collègue in my school. That could be encouraging and make the work fruitful.
    I wonder if there is any formations/workshops for us this year?!

    • That’s so kind of you! It is a pleasure to be a colleague of such a kind soul.
      For the time being, I have no idea. It feels unlikely that something will take place regarding the current circumstances.


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